Damage Viewing

There are 4 ways to view your damages in Horizon:

1. Viewing several at once via the damages list

This can be accessed via the Damages tab of the Inspections view:

2. Via the expanded view in a damage list

The Expanded View is toggled by clicking the '+' button in any damages list (shown on the left-hand side of the image above):

This view provides a way to review basic details of a damage, as well as the ability to confirm damages, create tasks, and view and make comments.

3. Via the Damage Details page

The Damage Details page can be accessed by clicking the View Details button in the expanded view (shown in the bottom-center of the image above):

This view provides additional color on the details of a damage. In addition to everything captured in the Expanded View, the Damage Details page provides information on the chronology of a damage (a linked history of the observations of that damage over time), as well as details on that damage's tasks. Task information is available both via a quick view in the bottom-right widget on the page and via the Tasks tab (on the upper-left side):

4. Via the Images Viewer (full screen) page

The Images Viewer is accessible by clicking a hyperlinked Damage ID in any damages list. The Damage ID link will bring the user to a full-screen and selected view of that damage. A grey call-out box in the top left corner will contain pertinent information about the selected damage, including site, tower, blade, side, inspection date, distance from hub, and the damage ID. A second grey call-out box contains details about the damage within the image, including the severity, type, component, material, dimensions, inspection date, and the ability to add comments.

The top call-out box contains several drop-down menus that allow users to navigate to other images or view images side by side in a comparison view.

Blade Drop Down - The blade drop down allows the user to jump to the image location (based on side and distance along the blade) on the other blade positions. For instance, jumping from the 15 meter pressure side of blade A to the 15 meter pressure side of blade B. Date Drop Down - The date drop down will show the dates of any other SkySpecs inspections. Users can click these dates to jump to the same location on the blade from that inspection date. Damage Drop Down - The damage drop down shows the Damage IDs of damages that may be on the same image. When two or more unique damages are contained within the image, there will be more than one damage listed.

Viewing Side by Side Images

To view side by side images, open the image viewer using the desired Damage ID hyperlink. Once the image viewer is open, select the drop down for Blade or Date from the grey call-out box. Once the drop-down is open, the box with an arrow can be selected to present images side by side.

For example, when multiple inspection dates are available, comparing images from two different inspections can identify damage changing over time.

Using the compare button to view similar images from two different inspections

Users can zoom in using the plus and minus icons at the top left of the image, double clicking to a space on the image, or using the scroll wheel of a mouse. Clicking the home button in the top left of the image will return the user to the zoomed out view.

Users can also rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise using the rotate icon between the zoom out and home button.

Users can move around the image by clicking and dragging the image in the desired direction.

To exit the image viewer, simply click the "X" at the top right of the page.

The image can be downloaded or a shareable link can be copied from the specified buttons in the navigation menu.

Image navigation options

The user can navigate along the length of the blade or quickly jump to other sides of the current blade using the arrows in the navigation banner. The right and left arrows select images along the blade length with left always moving towards the root of the blade and right always moving towards the tip. The up and down arrows can be used to rotate around the blade and view other sides of the blade.

Arrow image navigation options

Viewing Images Without Damages

Users can view all images associated with an inspection using the Inspections sub-tab on the Turbine's page. Simply toggle the "Only show photos with damage" dialogue box off and use the Date, Blade, and Side drop downs to navigate to the desired images.

When images are viewed that don't have recorded damages, the image will be zoomed out to show the entire picture. The grey box will show the image site, tower, blade, side, and distance information but no damage will be recorded. Users can create a damage record by clicking the Create option and drawing a parameter around the damage.