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In the top left corner of Horizon is a table of contents (TOC) with links to the "Fleet" view, "Inspections" view, "Tasks" or "Work Orders" view, and "Analytics" view. The TOC can be used to quickly jump between these views. Since the "Work Order" and "Analytics" functionality is an advanced feature within Horizon, not all users will have access to these modules by default. Each of these views is explored in more detail in the following sections.

TOC Options for users with access to Work Orders and Analytics

Additionally, there is common sorting, filtering, and searching functionality across many of the views within Horizon.

When viewing large list of data in Horizon, there will frequently be a key word search box that can be used to reduce the list presented.

Additionally, when viewing large lists, there is filtering and sorting functionality that can be used to identify the desired data. The sort functionality is used by selecting the header of any column with up and down arrows.

Filtering can be performed on any column with a funnel icon in the header.

Once filters are applied, they can be removed by selecting the Clear Filters button at the top left of the list panel.