Exporting Reports

Users can export damages reports in either PDF or Excel format using a number of export features in Horizon.

Exporting from the Inspections View

Users can create and export damage reports by selecting the desired damages from the Damages Tab of the Inspections View (on the TOC).

From here, the user can use the search, sort, and filter options available to select the desired damages for export.

Damages filtered by severity of 4 or greater.

Select the desired damages either individually by checking the box next to the Damage ID or select all by checking the box at the top of the table.

Once the damages are selected, use the "Export Report" drop down at the top right to select the desired format and export the report.

Select the desired damages and use the "Export Report" drop down to generate a PDF or Excel sheet.

If no damage records check boxes are selected, the exported report will contain all the damages from the list view, based on the filters that were selected.

Exporting from a Work Order

Users can export damage reports from a work order by simply opening an individual work order and clicking "Export Report" from the top right of the page.

Note: Exporting from a work order will automatically export ALL damages associated with a task type of "repair" within the work order. Currently, turbine information associated with a task type of "other" is not included in the export, nor are any uploaded images or documentation attached to the work order.

"Export Report" will export all damages in a work order.

Report Formats

Reports can be exported in either Excel or PDF format.

The Excel report will contain much the same information found on the Damages tab of the Inspections view, plus any associated task information. Also included is a hyperlink under the "Source Images" column, which will bring the user to the image of the damage.

An example Excel report.

The PDF export will create a full report featuring an introduction page, a table of contents, an overview of severity definitions, and an individual page for each damage record. The damage pages include images of the damage and pertinent turbine and damage information.

The title of each page is hyperlinked back to the damage view in Horizon.

An example PDF report.