After logging in, the user arrives at the Horizon dashboard. From here, the user has access to a Fleet Map of their fleet, as well as a list of links to Upcoming Tasks and Recent Inspections.

Recent Inspections

Users can view, sort and filter their inspections by date or location from the Recent Inspections window.

Upcoming Tasks

Users can view upcoming tasks within their fleet and sort or filter by status and due date using the Upcoming Tasks window.

Dashboard Map

The dashboard map provides a location overview for each turbine within your fleet. Zooming in to any site in the map will bring up an expanded view of the turbines at that location. Clicking on any turbine provides a hyperlink to both the Turbine and Site view within the Fleet menu.

Turbine 2 at "Ol Gusty" wind farm

Returning to the Dashboard

Clicking the blue Horizon logo in the top left corner at any time will return the user to the Dashboard View.