Damage Editing

Users can edit both the "Severity" and "Type" fields of a damage. Updating either of these fields overrides any prior inputs to that field, including the original SkySpecs input. Additionally, note that the Severity category can be edited include non-integer numbers (e.g. 4.5).

For information about systematic changes to damages (for example, labeling all cracks of a certain size as Category 4), please reach out to the Horizon team here.

There are two ways to edit a damage: via the Image Viewer page of a damage or via Quick View on the Damages tab of the Inspection view.

Editing Damages via the Images Viewer page

Clicking a hyperlinked "Damage ID" or an image of damage at any point will bring the user to the Images Viewer for the associated damage. From there, users can edit damages by clicking the Actions dropdown and selecting Edit.

From there, users can make edits and click the "Save Edits" button to finalize changes:

Editing Damages via Damage List Quick Views

A damage can also be edited by accessing its quick view in a damage list (via the "+" button). Damage lists can be found both by selecting a turbine in the Turbines Tab and directly on the Damages Tab.

The "+" button in a damages list opens the quick view

Once the quick view is open, mousing over the "Severity" and "Type" fields shows the option to edit a damage.

Mousing over both the Severity (pictured) and Type fields reveals an edit button

After clicking "Edit", users can enter updates and click "Save" to finalize changes.