Blades Page

There are several ways to view the history of individual turbine blades.

The first option is to click the hyperlinked blade number on the Inspections page.

Hyperlinked blade numbers under the Inspections page.

Similarly, users can navigate to the Blades tab from any turbine overview and click on the desired blade position/number.

The Blades tab on the Turbine Page.

Finally, users can go to the Blades tab within the Fleet view on the TOC and navigate to the desired blade.

Blades tab in Fleet view.

Blade View

The top of the Blade view contains pertinent attributes for the selected blade, including blade Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model, and Length, as well as Turbine Make, Model, and any Auxiliary Components. This information will be displayed when available.

Blade details.

Blade Tasks

Under the blade attributes is a Tasks table. Any tasks associated with the selected blade will appear here. Users can click on the hyperlinked task or work order numbers to view more details. Users can also click the Edit button under the Actions column to update the Due Date, Status, or add/edit a Description, Vendor, or Tags. Tags are added to a task in order to group tasks by particular attributes that can be used for sorting and filtering.

The tasks will be organized into five sub-tabs based on their Status and Due Date. The All sub-tab will display all tasks regardless of status; Open displays all tasks that are "Pending" or "In Progress"; the Overdue tab displays all tasks that are pending or in progress and whose due date has elapsed; Unscheduled displays pending and in progress tasks without a due date; and Complete displays completed tasks.

The Tasks table within the Blade View.

Damages Table

At the bottom of the Blade page is a list of all damages associated with the selected blade's most recent SkySpecs inspection.

Users can sort and filter by both blade and damage attributes, including damage severity, material, type, as well as the component or side of the blade where the damage was observed.

Users can also click the hyperlinked "Damage ID" or "+" button to view any damage. Clicking the back arrow on the browser will bring the user back to the Blades view.